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a walk

for performer, objects and virtual landscape (15'). Autumn 2022.

A slow walk through the sonic and visual perception of human attention

a walk is a piece for performer, objects (instruments) and virtual landscape in which the audience is guided on a walk through the eyes and ears of the performer, as she walks, observes and reflects on what she sees.

The piece uses the projection of a virtual stage with a series of artificial representations of trees and other natural elements in addition of spatial audio to recreate the sensation of being in the performer's head.

Diseño sin título(2).png

some conceptual insights:

Nature is often observed as if it were an exhibition. This piece explores the idea that humans view nature as if they are guests at a museum, rather than as an integral part of it. The work compares the way humans look at exhibits to the way we observe species in a forest as tourists, with a feeling of not belonging but simply visiting.

This work does not propose any alternative relationships to this understanding of nature. Instead, it serves as an invitation for the audience to consider this perspective and reflect on whether it is the only way of understanding nature, or if it is a result of modern society and capitalist logics shaping our perceptions of the world.


It is crucial that we examine the ways in which our relationships with nature are mediated by social and cultural forces, and consider alternative modes of interaction that allow for a more equitable and sustainable coexistence with the natural world.

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