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photo by Clara López

Alicia Reyes (Extremadura, 1996) is a pianist and composer with interests in analogue electronic music, free improvisation as a compositional tool and interdisciplinary artistic research projects. She holds a degree in Music (Piano Performance) from the Conservatoire of Badajoz and subsequently completed a postgraduate course in New Compositional Techniques at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg (Germany), a course with a special focus on new narratives in contemporary music.

Her works have been performed at festivals such as ZKM/next_generation (Karlsruhe), at Blurred Edges and WE PRESENT (Hamburg), "The Toy Piano takes the stage" (Como), "Sommer in Stuttgart" Festival Neuer Musik or "neue musik in st.ruprecht" (Vienna).


She has written music for theatre, dance/performance pieces, installations and has worked with instruments in hybrid set-ups. She combines her career as a pianist, improviser and composer with various ensembles such as SOA (experimental pop) and KFELD KOLLEKTIV (analog techno and noise) as well as with other personal projects.


Her latest musical and multimedia works explore themes such as human self-perception on a physical and psychological level, time as a virtual space or the intimacy and emotional potential of social networks.

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