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Kfeld Collective - Techno & Multimedia 
pics by: Bayaru Takshina

United by the emerging Experimental Multimedia Composition scene & the Techno Underground Clubs in the city of Hamburg, K_FELD KOLLEKTIV combine common elements of this two parallel worlds in their interdisciplinary project.

The sound aesthetic, with elements of noise-music, minimal electronics and analogue techno is wrapped with visuals generated and LiveVideo Processing and directed with an experimental interactive approach. The collective is currently exploring the possibilities of interaction in immersive performances in which the audience have the possibility to manipulate and interact with the sound of the show.


Alicia Reyes - Live electronics & keyboards

Kai Salander - Live electronics
Lucas Xerxes - Visuals - Live Processing

Thanos Sakellarides - Spatial Audio, sensors and Live Coding

link to Instagram: @kfeld_kollektiv

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