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Otro estudio para electrónica y saxo barítono

This piece is a performative study for saxophone baritone and electronics.

On a compositional level, it takes advantage of the physiognomy of the instrument itself and not its timbre. The dimensions of the baritone saxophone's bell, allows the storage of objects such as a bluetooth speaker. Another quality of this bell is that it acts as a lowpass filter for the electronics.


Playing with the power dynamics between performer, instrument and sound, this miniature positions the saxophonist as a kind of puppet of the tape since the electronics play the main sonic role. The movements and precision of the performer is what makes the piece work.


The granular synthesis of the electronics is composed of WhatsApp Voice Messages with the voices of their performers so that each version of the piece is conditioned by the vocal timbre of the performer. In this first performance developed in KlexosLab course I used samples of Klexos quintet Whatssapp group, actually talking about the course and its participants itseleves. T


I am interested in the inversion of roles both on a compositional and interpretative level, and that is why in this case I decided to give weight to electronics by not using the sound of the instrument as such, shuffling conventions and trying to generate odd feelings in performers holding their instrument in front of an audience.


link to video: here (skip to minute: 18:55)

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