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Retratos Sonoros

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electronic music album

released May 24, 2020 

Badajoz, Spain 

The idea of Retratos Sonoros (Sound Portraits) came during the first hard lockdown.
I decided to create musical portraits of the people who I used to have contact with during those days. I was in touch with them through different means: some of them face to face, on the phone, on videocalls, etc. Even, some of them also belonged to that time just because they were in my mind. 

I started writing music and drawing the scores and I asked some people to take part in the project in different ways to make it interdisciplinary. Clara López was in charge of designing some of the drawings and sketching them in black ink. Then Blanca Hermoso started transferring the designs with her graphic tablet and ended up designing almost all the drawings in her personal style.

The recordings and instrumentation were done thanks to María Perez who came to Extremadura to carry out this project.


The final result was an interactive bingo-like concert and a self-published musical fanzine where you could see the title of the musical portraits, the scores and the drawings. At the back of each page there is a QR code, which is linked to my personal bandcamp, where the musical pieces are uploaded. It is a way of blurring the borders among written music and the no-professional culture of the history of the fanzine. 

1. Parasols comme des vierges blanches

2. Lujuria Equina

3. Barbas Calientes

4. Gesiha Neonata

5. Calvinistas Telemáticos

6. Flujo Micótico

7. Tengo hambre porque son las 14.01

8. Ciervooficial

9. Maestra de muchos consuelo de pocos

10. Matices Solemnes

11. Aparcamiento Subterráneo

12. Huida hacia atrás

13. Electrosarna

14. Dolor de Roca

Composition: Alicia S. Reyes

Korg Volca Beats: J. Karbajo

Recording: Alicia S. Reyes and María Perez (SOA)

Drawings: Clara Lopez @cinabarite

Drawings and Track Art: Blanca Hermoso @ayspuntnik


Link to album:


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